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Choose an artist you'd like to receive biddz from

Support artists in creating the music you love listening to. Secure your share of the potential, grow together.


Select the number of biddz that you want to buy

1 track = 10,000 biddz. The more biddz you buy, the more support for your favorite artists and the greater your share of their success.. along with more perks down the line.


Your biddzCard makes your purchase official

Share your support with your friends and Social Media followers.


Collect your biddzCards in your showroom

Every card represents your support and share of the success of the track.


Join the community in propelling your artist to stardom. Grow together, play your part!

In the dashboard, track the growth of streaming and monitor the progress of your investment across digital platforms. You will receive monthly payments from the royalties generated by your biddz.


Discover unique events from your favorite artists.

biddzMoments are unique music experiences - everything from live shows to listening parties. You can discover them within the biddz app.


Choose the ticket option that suits you best.

Select from a variety of ticket tiers to unlock exclusive experiences from your favorite artists.


Your card makes the event last forever.

Your biddzMoments card serves as an unforgettable memory. It is also your access to everything that happens before, during, and after the event.


Join a community that extends beyond the event.

After ticket purchase, fans have the opportunity to participate in community chats, interact with other event-goers and access exclusive pre-event content.


Access exclusive artist content.

As a biddzMoments holder you will receive access to exclusive event content from the artist such as behind-the-scences, timetables or snippets.


Find answers to common questions in one convenient place. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us directly.

What is biddz?

biddz connects fans & artists like never before: with biddz, you can now support your favorite artists by investing in music royalties and participating in unique artist experiences. By connecting you with your favorite artists and their fans in one community, biddz creates fair & transparent opportunities for artists to make a living while allowing them to maintain their independence and creative control.

What are biddzShares?

"biddz" are shares of your favorite songs that represent ownership of streaming royalties for a set timeframe.

What are biddzMoments?

biddzMoments is an event ticketing solution tailored to musicians. When you purchase biddzMoments, you not only acquire event tickets but also receive a collectible together with access to community features and exclusive artist content.

How do biddzShares work?

After registration, select the song you want to invest in. Review the conditions of the deal and define the number of biddz you want to buy. Once confirmed, you get the purchase certificate as a biddzCard, which you may also mint as a digital collectible to your selected wallet.

What will I receive for my biddzShares?

Each “biddz” represents one ten-thousandth (or 0.01%) of master rights royalties accumulated on relevant digital streaming platforms (such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, TikTok, Youtube Music) during the duration of your deal. Some artists also add certain perks (“Fan Benefits") exclusively available to biddz holders.

When do I see my biddzShares revenue in the Dashboard?

Actual royalty revenues are displayed in your Dashboard after we receive the respective reports from the digital streaming platforms (approx. 2-3 months after months-end).

How do I receive my biddzShares payouts?

You will receive your share of the streaming royalties from the release on a monthly basis, transferred to your bank account. Please make sure you have a payout method defined.

How do I make a purchase on biddz?

You can purchase using credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and "SEPA Lastschrift".